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Adding Networking Services to a VM and Integration with Junos

This post shows a guideline for basic installation of an Ubuntu VM in order to provide basic networking services like NTP, Syslog, RADIUS, FTP, and Cacti Monitoring server for Juniper SRX Router/Firewall. It’s going to be a long post so you’d better fasten your seat belt.


  • vMX/vSRX
  • Any Linux based image
  • VMware/Virtual Box/ESXi

Here we’ll be using vSRX image and Ubuntu Desktop emulated on VMware workstation, below you can find how to setup vSRX on VMware if you needed a reference.


First we’ll start by preparing the VM so as to be able to provide these services.

You’ll need to add 2 NIC for the Ubuntu VM so that you can get Internet access from one NIC and to connect to the SRX via the other NIC. Here we have adapter1 connected as NAT interface, and adapter 2 in connected to the same VMNET/LAN segment of the SRX.

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