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Use of EEM Scripting for Special Hot Backup Solutions

In this blog I would like to share some information about some special Hot backup solutions that we are forced to deal with due to customer requirements.


In the above figure, we have a customer that’s connected to the ISP through 2 Links, the Main link is a Pre-WiMax connection that’s carrying customer’s Internet and VPN traffic and configuration on the PE router is as below.

PE#show run int Fast1/0.100
Building configuration…
Current configuration : 184 bytes
interface FastEthernet1/0.100
description “Main Internet Link Pre-WiMax”
encapsulation dot1Q 100
ip address secondary
ip address

PE#show run int Fast1/0.200
Building configuration…

Current configuration : 156 bytes
interface FastEthernet1/0.200
description “Main VPN Link Pre-WiMax”
encapsulation dot1Q 200
ip vrf forwarding VPN-A
ip address
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